The Prospecting Funnel of a $150,000,000 Producer
Prospect Funnel

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The Prospecting Funnel of a $150,000,000 Producer

Have you ever wondered how the industry’s biggest producers always seem to have a full schedule of appointments with qualified buying units constantly in the office? Now is your chance to find out.

Gain instant access to this powerful presentation and learn how mega-producer Jack Burrows fills his prospect funnel.

With more than $1M per month of FIA production in 2019, Jack is still going strong, and you’re going to see, hear and learn how he is doing it.

  • How he develops a continuous flow of activity
  • How he’s able to target quality prospects
  • His well-defined, proven sales process
  • How he eliminates the competition
  • His post-sales client contact system
  • Plus more